Add New Admin Users For Revive Adserver

Posted by adserveropenx on August 08, 2014  /   no comment

Question: I’m using the revive adserver 3, and i can’t find the place for add a new administrator user. How can i do this? Answer: To Create Manager User: Login as “Administrator” –> Switch to Administrator account –> Click “Inventory” Menu –> “Add New Account” from “Action” Menu. Once added account, Click on that account […]

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Openx to Revive Upgrade Troubleshooting

Posted by adserveropenx on July 18, 2014  /   no comment

Question: I’ve got some old OpenX installation to maintain and I have to upgrade it to some new version. I downloaded Revive sources, extracted it into some other directory, copied (and renamed) config file so that the installer knows it should proceed with upgrade instead of setting fresh installation. So far so good… However though […]

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Email/Newsletter zone with more banners

Posted by adserveropenx on June 13, 2013  /   2 comments

Q : How do add more than one campaign to Email/Newsletter zone ? A : Our OpenX having more restriction on this type of zone . You cannot link a campaign to an email zone; you must link directly to a single banner. No Cookie Image Tag is the only ad tag that can be […]

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How to prevent/avoid fraud clicks in OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 29, 2013  /   no comment

How to prevent/avoid fraud clicks in OpenX ?         We have one admin setting available in our OpenX .Switch to  administrator account->Configuration->Banner Logging Setting (yourOpenX/www/admin/account-settings-banner-logging.php) . Check the Option available under “Block Banner Logging Settings”  : Don’t count Ad Clicks if the viewer has clicked on the same ad/zone pair within the specified time (seconds) […]

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Solution for issues after Upgrade your OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 09, 2013  /   no comment

Q : After i have upgraded in to latest version of OpenX, i couldn’t generate Invocation code and HTML  type banners.Invocation code  selection box having empty screen and banner edit page having “extension has been disabled” issue. A : After Upgraded our OpenX into latest version we may received below mentioned issue. Banner extension has […]

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How to secure your Self Hosted OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 03, 2013  /   no comment

 Q : How to secure Self Hosted my OpenX to prevent from hackers?   A : Once you have installed OpenX ,follow this mentioned steps to prevent your OpenX from hackers.     Step -1 : If you have already ran your OpenX already then check this page to check your OpenX was clean from malware […]

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How to Remove malware or injection from Hacked OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 03, 2013  /   no comment

A : We should follow the below mentioned step to remove malware code from Hacked OpenX . Step – 1: Most of the malware code injected in banner’s “append and prepend” filed in “ox_banners” table .You can check this one in banner’s “Advanced ” page else you can run the below mentioned MySQL query in to […]

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