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Revive Adserver Free plugins listed here, each one gives unique features for your adserver/adnetwork.


Google GEO Graph Plugin for Revive Adserver Statistics :

Google GEO Graph Plugin for Revive Adserver Statistics provides Geo location based statistics reports. Google Geo graph view is used for this plugin to show the statistics reports.

Download :


Revive Adserver In-Active Campaigns Banners :

In revive adserver there is no default feature available to list In-Active Campaigns Banners, there is feature to filter All Campaigns, Active Campaigns, In-Active Campaigns, All Banners,Active Banners and In-Active Banners.

Download :


Revive Adserver Best Earning Statistics :

Revive Adserver Best Earning Statistics plugin provides reports of best earning of advertisers, publishers, campaigns, banners and zones. Reports will show with inventories name with revenue earned. Also reports shown using Google Pie chart.

Download :


Revive Adserver Brand Logo on Banners :

Revive Adserver Brand Logo on Banners plugin gives features to show ad network brand logo on every banners when the users views the advertisements in publisher web pages.

Download :



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