Revive Adserver Free Plugins

Posted by adserveropenx on July 14, 2016  /   no comment

Revive Adserver Free plugins listed here, each one gives unique features for your adserver/adnetwork.   Google GEO Graph Plugin for Revive Adserver Statistics : Google GEO Graph Plugin for Revive Adserver Statistics provides Geo location based statistics reports. Google Geo graph view is used for this plugin to show the statistics reports. Download :   […]

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Revive Adserver Stats page Not working

Posted by adserveropenx on March 20, 2014  /   7 comments

Probably this issue happened some of pages name cosntant not working. You Need to change some line in your core file. Your revivepath/lib/RV.php line 13 was as follows: require_once RV_PATH . ‘/lib/pear/PEAR.php’; You need to change this line in to require_once ‘/YourExactPathToRevive/lib/pear/PEAR.php’; Your path to revive should be your file path. Not your browser location.

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Email/Newsletter zone with more banners

Posted by adserveropenx on June 13, 2013  /   2 comments

Q : How do add more than one campaign to Email/Newsletter zone ? A : Our OpenX having more restriction on this type of zone . You cannot link a campaign to an email zone; you must link directly to a single banner. No Cookie Image Tag is the only ad tag that can be […]

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