How to secure your Self Hosted OpenX

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 Q : How to secure Self Hosted my OpenX to prevent from hackers?


A : Once you have installed OpenX ,follow this mentioned steps to prevent your OpenX from hackers.



Step -1 :

If you have already ran your OpenX already then check this page to check your OpenX was clean from malware codes .

Link :


Step – 2 :

If you are running older version of OpenX ,then you should upgrade your in to latest version OpenX .Every OpenX new release should avoid lot of security holes.


Step – 3 :

Remove the “/Your Openx/www/admin/install.php ”  and “/Your Openx/www/admin/plugins/videoReport/lib/ofc2/ofc_upload_image.php ” files. These files are most security hole in our OpenX.


Step – 4 : 

Some times OpenX market plugin also major hole of  our security .So if you don’t use OpenX market plugin you can uninstall the market plugin from your admin panel .


Step -5 :

Next  importantly, disable the OpenX dashboard. To do this, log into the admin panel and switch to  “Administrator Account”. Then Click on the Configuration menu, then click on ” User Interface Settings”. At the bottom of this page, uncheck the box next to “Enable dashboard” then click on  Save button.


Step -6 :

Then lock down your OpenX  that means  set read only permission to your configuration file from your “OpenX/var/yourdomainname.php ” .


Step – 7 :

Then lock down your “OpenX/www/admin/” folder by Apache security method “htaccess with htpasswd “.

Else you need to  lock down your “OpenX/www/admin/” folder by Apache security method “htaccess with allow mentioned IP Address “.


Step – 8 :

Finally you should    regularly change your “Administrator and Manager” account password.

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