OpenX display empty banners issue

Posted by adserveropenx on December 10, 2013  /   Posted in FAQ

OpenX display empty banners issue :

This issues may raised below mentioned reason :

1 . You may set the any targeting limitation for your banners and that limitation not matched for your criteria.

2 . You may set campaign or banner session capping and that capping was completed for your current session.

3 . You may not linked any active campaigns with active banners for that current zone.

4 . Your campaign or else banners not in active status for that current zone.

5 . May be your banner wight was ZERO . We should need at least weight = 1 .

6 . This may be raised due to OpenX cache files .Delete your all cache files under “YourOpenx/var/cache” .

The above mentioned criteria not fixed your issue then let us know your  query via Contact Us page in our site .

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