Add New Admin Users For Revive Adserver

Posted by adserveropenx on August 08, 2014  /   no comment

Question: I’m using the revive adserver 3, and i can’t find the place for add a new administrator user. How can i do this? Answer: To Create Manager User: Login as “Administrator” –> Switch to Administrator account –> Click “Inventory” Menu –> “Add New Account” from “Action” Menu. Once added account, Click on that account […]

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Display different resolution banners with single zone

Posted by adserveropenx on March 06, 2013  /   no comment
display different size ads on single zone

Normally, publishers/manager couldn’t link multiple banners to single without regardless of sizes. Possible to link banners with zone when both inventory item sizes to be same, otherwise couldn’t get this done. But have solution to deliver different resolution (Width X Height) banners with single zone, by entering zone’s width and height as “*”.

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