Email/Newsletter zone with more banners

Posted by adserveropenx on June 13, 2013  /   2 comments

Q : How do add more than one campaign to Email/Newsletter zone ? A : Our OpenX having more restriction on this type of zone . You cannot link a campaign to an email zone; you must link directly to a single banner. No Cookie Image Tag is the only ad tag that can be […]

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Solution for issues after Upgrade your OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 09, 2013  /   no comment

Q : After i have upgraded in to latest version of OpenX, i couldn’t generate Invocation code and HTML  type banners.Invocation code  selection box having empty screen and banner edit page having “extension has been disabled” issue. A : After Upgraded our OpenX into latest version we may received below mentioned issue. Banner extension has […]

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Single Page Call Invocation Code

Posted by adserveropenx on March 02, 2013  /   no comment
Single-Page-Call-Invocation-Code Generate

Serving ads quickly with Single Page Call Invocation Code :  →  Single Page Call Invocation tags deliver ads quickly to end user and reduce load on adserver system. This is the solution who would like to place multiple zone space on same page. → Fetching all banners together from availed zones on web page within […]

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