Openx to Revive Upgrade Troubleshooting

Posted by adserveropenx on July 18, 2014  /   no comment

Question: I’ve got some old OpenX installation to maintain and I have to upgrade it to some new version. I downloaded Revive sources, extracted it into some other directory, copied (and renamed) config file so that the installer knows it should proceed with upgrade instead of setting fresh installation. So far so good… However though […]

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Solution for issues after Upgrade your OpenX

Posted by adserveropenx on May 09, 2013  /   no comment

Q : After i have upgraded in to latest version of OpenX, i couldn’t generate Invocation code and HTML  type banners.Invocation code  selection box having empty screen and banner edit page having “extension has been disabled” issue. A : After Upgraded our OpenX into latest version we may received below mentioned issue. Banner extension has […]

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Couldn’t get invocation tags since upgrade done?

Posted by adserveropenx on March 16, 2013  /   no comment

A : While upgrading your OpenX “” plugin missed from your installation . You can check this one by switch to administrator then click on plugin ,there you can check whether that plugin was installed or not that plugin(openXInvocationTags). If it was not installed ,then you can manually install that plugin by browse that file […]

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